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Both vocational education and skills development have been known to increase productivity of individuals, profitability of employers and expansion of national development. A ‘knowledgeable’ workforce, one that is both highly skilled in a particular occupation and also exhibits flexibility, is seen as the most important human capital required for the development of a country.

Vocational and professional training system would have a major positive impact on national competitiveness. The Technical and Vocational Education is considered as an important measure for the development of trained labour force required for the socio-economic development of a country.

Mahendra Educational Private Limited which is a pioneer institute in preparation of competitive examinations like I.B.P.S, Railways and S.S.C. With over 135 centres across India and with a team of Seasoned Scholars which with their unique teaching pedagogy have given over 200,000 selections over a span of 20 years since inception.

The training program is a unique mix balancing a traditional education with creative & practical examination preparation model. With this model we aim to provide them the best of both the worlds as with them being equipped with Technical / Managerial skills this will immerse them with various Job seeking avenues like Banking, S.S.C, Railways, L.I.C and more.

  • 12 weeks training within the campus
  • Two Hours Training Session with Three Sessions per week
  • Providing strong foundation for appearing in various Competitive Examinations
  • Specially Designed Online Lectures on Power point and Videos
  • Special Focus on Soft Skills / Employability Skills
  • Online Speed Test Facility for Practicing as per the examination pattern
  • Free of Cost Computer Certificate to all registered candidates
  • Students get prepared for I.B.P.S, Railways, S.S.C and L.I.C